Society often requires individuals to follow blind, hold a promise…

So I would like to hear opinions on whether immortal beings actually require a religion or if they do have religious beliefs just exactly how would they differ from a mere mortal’s? They will still need energy to think and feel, and there is only a finite amount of energy in the universe so how can they be immortal after all energy is consumed? Eating each other?

Leaving a last immortal braindead for eternity? Let’s say there are scattered amongst the universe, intelligent life that is immortal. I’ve learned that the quantity time is represented by the symbol t.But is this statement correct, I’ve been thinking about this and seems to me that the symbol t represents the value of the quantity time, not the quantity itself.But sometimes in an other context it seems that the symbol t represents the quantity and not its value.Does it represent the quantity, the value or is it context dependent ?(I don’t use the English language a lot, so please correct me if I don’t use it well.) Well if dying isn’t in your repertoire then the chances of hooking up with a deity in an afterlife reality is nil. Continue reading


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